Costas Papaellinas Organization


This division represents many international pharmaceutical companies and has separate organizational unit structures according to individual agreements with the principals. CPO supports these units with its own Market Access, Tender and Registration department as well as its Marketing Department.

Same-day delivery service is provided to all pharmacies in Cyprus through the associated distribution partners Pharmalink. CPO has a significant shareholding in this pharmacy distribution company, and hence the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Pharmaceutical Division employs full time qualified medical representatives and a pharmacy sales team covering as well the sales of the OTC (Over The Counter ) products. There is 100% coverage of the sector.

To achieve the highest possible standards CPO offers the following additional services:

  • Market Access monitoring, especially for the tender and institutional business, in cooperation with our Tender Department.
  • Registration of new products, re-registration of older products according to EU legislation, and follow up of all other requirements and procedures as set by the principals and the applicable EU directives.
  • Logistics, stock control and storage of products, in the modern pharmaceutical warehouse with all relevant MoH licences, audited and approved by our suppliers.
  • Marketing Support, especially for OTC products through the central CPO marketing department, thus benefiting from the Group’s overall media power.