Costas Papaellinas Organization


MEDVISION was acquired by the CPO Group in 2002. The general functions of MEDVISION are the promotion and distribution of hospital and medical products, as well as their installation and service. It is now the leader in every line it handles, providing high quality at reasonable prices, along with excellent after sales service and support.
Technical support and project management, including installation and maintenance, are performed by the CPO Group Technical Service Department. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

G.G. Gigantus

Foreseeing well ahead that new fields in healthcare are developing and emerging in the near future, a specialized company was the answer to the challenge. G.G. Gigantus was established in 1994 and addressed selective fields of Cardiology, Neurology, ENT, Neurosurgery, Spine and Diabetes. In early 2003 it was 100% acquired from Costas Papaellinas Organization, giving to the group a strong grip in these niche markets.
Due to the determination to continually grow with market requirements and work in a professional environment, the company is also ISO 9001:2008 certified.

CAP (Hellas)

Costas A. Papaellinas (Hellas) S.A. is a Greek company, member of the Greek - Cypriot Costas Papaellinas Group of Companies, that markets and distributes a variety of high quality branded products in the fields of health, care and beauty.
The Company was established in 1969, in Athens.
Aiming at the best possible coverage of the differentiated distribution channels the company handles, it has divided its commercial operations into 3 divisions (medical, pharmacy and consumer) each managed by skilled managers, with expertise in their respective fields and a wide knowledge of the Greek market.

E.Ch. Gavrielides & Son Ltd

In the emerging environment of the FMCG market, food sector was a perfect match for CPO to engage in. As this was seen as a development pillar, CPO group of companies went ahead to acquire E.Ch. Gavrielides & Sons Ltd in February 2015, inheriting a great infrastructure in the food sector promising to integrate and develop along with CPO standards.